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SnowHave a look at these paper sculptures - beautiful! Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls.

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A sincere thank you to each of you who voted in the TVO video competition. Voting ends today, and thanks to you, my video is one of the top three that will go forward for jurying by TVO! The grand prize is a filming session with TVO to be part of their "Learning Portraits" series that is aired throughout 2016. It's been fun to be a part of this, and I will let you know the winner as soon as I know. Thanks again!

(Painting: SOLD)

Thank You!

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Soft StoneNow here's a fascinating art form. Spanish sculptor Jose Manual Castro Lopez carves stone in such a way that it looks like it is soft! See more of his work at this link:

Jose Lopez Sculptor - article on Brightside

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All the details about upcoming art courses that start in April 2016 are now up - and registration is open! Check it out here (and scroll down to see the whole list):

Art Courses with Cheryl O

(Painting: Collection of the artist)


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I'm very excited to be 1 of 9 contestants in a video competition from TVO. If you are on Facebook, you can vote for me! The top 3 videos by public vote will be juried and one of these will win a filming session with TVO's film crew to be featured in their "Learning Portraits" series that runs on TVO all through 2016. Right now I am in second place! I am very excited.

You can watch the video at the link below - but you will only be allowed to vote if you are on Facebook. Facebook people can vote once per day till Feb 18, at which point the top 3 go forward for jurying. About voting once per day: you don't have to watch the video everyday if you have already seen it. Simply take a second to go to the link and click the "Vote" button.

Important Note: Voting only happens when you hit the "Vote" button. The "like" button does not count for the contest.

Thanks in advance for having a look. And of course only vote for my video if you want to. Here is the link:

TVO Video Competition - on just until (and including) Feb 18.

(Painting: SOLD)


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It's been a gentle winter this year for southern Ontario. Makes it easier to think of snow as something pretty!


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HappinessSkips175A bit of a funny thing happened that resulted in the painting below (Happiness Skips). I was at Storybook Gardens with several of my grandchildren. There were a lot of children dancing on the outdoor stage there, and I was trying to get a photo of my granddaughter. When I got home and checked my photos, I found that I had missed my granddaughter altogether, and had this lovely photo of an unknown child. The pose was really too wonderful not to paint, and it is fine to publish since her face is not showing. I often say that paintings take on a life of their own, apparently photo references sometimes do too!

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Pensive sits. Laughter slips. Sorrow saunters. Happiness skips!

Acrylic with collage "Happiness Skips" 28" x 20" $625 + HST available from the artist.

Happiness Skips

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