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SoloRoseThis is a painting that will be taught in the upcoming Fruit Flowers & Crystal. It starts this Monday, July 11th! As well as learning the techniques to painting transparent glass and crystal, there will be lessons about painting silver, what makes a flower painting look gorgeous, and lots of tips on how to make a dynamic still life composition. Some references will be supplied, and students may bring in flowers from their gardens or their own flower photos as well. Definitely bring a camera for capturing some of the wonderful collaborated still lifes that will happen!

Room for just a few more: Art Classes with Cheryl O


(This original painting is SOLD.)

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AstrTI discovered this years ago, when first into painting. I need to have 2, 3 or more paintings on the go at once. This mode is so part of who I am, that if I suddenly find myself not going to the studio (this does not happen often), I realize that I am down to only 1 painting. As soon as I start another, I am happily back at it!

Want to know more about this? Here's a good article "How JumpingBetween Projects Provokes Creativity" from Creative Something.

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Latest collage acrylic with turquoise and stone 12" x 12" Sold - Private Collection


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Lastest painting, "Those Who Wander", acrylic collage. This painting has a very high gloss coating that does not show in the photo. It makes the colours very jewel-like. This painting SOLD at Westland Gallery.


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We have had a lot of fun in current classes. Hard to believe, just 1 week left. This painting was finished in the collage class: Precocious - Sold - Private Collection


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The painting below will be taught step by step in the upcoming Fruit Flowers & Crystal class. Don't miss this opportunity for 5 days immersed in beauty!

Check out the details here: Art Courses with Cheryl O

Painting "Hydrangeas" Acrylic 16" x 20" Sold - Corporate Collection


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Registration is now open for a 5 day, Monday to Friday (9:30 to 3:30 each day), landscape course with Cheryl O. More information and how to register here: Cheryl O's 8 Favourite Landscape Techniques. Don't miss this opportunity to help bring your landscape paintings to the next level. Bring a bag lunch or go to a nearby restaurant for the lunch hour. Bring your own landscape photos and be prepared for a creative week of learning!

Latest painting - "Spring Chorus" - oil - 30" x 60" $2150. + HST Available from the artist.


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Today in art class we were discussing how crazy the business of art is. It's certainly subjective. What one person loves, another is unaffected by. Add to that the fact that a wonderfully skilled artist may also be completely inept at marketing and ... they will likely never be famous. Making art because you want fame probably is not the most satisfactory of pursuits, in any case. And making art to become rich is another goal that not many can reach.  So, why make art? Here are some reasons for making art that will encourage you to continue creating. May I suggest that you make art because you love the creative process. Because it's away of expressing the thoughts of your heart. Because you are enamoured with colour and shape and form. Because it expresses in a unique way your perception of life. All these reasons will lead to joy in your creative process. Hoping for fame or riches will most likely be a discouraging journey. Finding a source of joy - that is beyond price. At least, that's my opinion.


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Registration is open now for this 5 day course - July 11 to July 15. Immerse yourself in these beautiful subjects. Don't be afraid of painting crystal, Cheryl is there to guide each step of the way. The classes are 9:30 am to 3:30 pm daily. Bring a bag lunch or go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Bring your camera as there will be lots of wonderful set ups for you to work from. Also feel free to bring you own flower photos for inspiration. Painting below: "Fruit Bowl" oil by Cheryl O.

More information and how to register here: Summer Art courses with Cheryl O

(Original painting SOLD.)




Come and see the wonderful art at Cheryl O & Students Art Show! The opening is Saturday, June 4, 2 to 3:30 pm at Westmount Branch Library. There are 27 paintings up - most are done by my wonderful students. If you can't make the opening, the show stays up for the month of June, during library hours. Don't forget to sign the guest book, and tell us which are your favourite paintings.

The painting below "One Fine Day" Acrylic Collage Sold - Corporate Collection


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