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Horse Scape

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 in Creativity

Although this painting has a subject, it would qualify as an abstract painting because of its style. "Horse Scape" - 16" x 20" - acrylic $387. + HST Available from the artist.


Lake Como Remembered

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 in Creativity

I know you like the laundry detail - everyone does :)  Lake Como Remembered - acrylic collage - 20" x 16" $387. + HST Available from the artist.

Lake Como by Cheryl O

Cinque Terre - Italy

Posted on Aug 7, 2014 in Creativity

The first painting from my photos taken on a recent Italy trip. Lots more photos I hope to paint! Cinque Terre - acrylic collage - 30" x 24" $612. + HST Available from the artist.

Cinque Terre Italy

Spirit of the Wind

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Creativity

Somewhere between abstract and realism, I felt a strong sense of motion, power, and grace in the flow of colour that happened here. "Spirit of the Wind" 30" x 36" acrylic $810. + HST - available from the artist.

Spirit of the Wind by Cheryl O

The Unexpected Joy of Losing Your Balance

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 in Creativity

There are times when it seems there is an abstract painting calling out to me to give birth to it. Often I am too busy with course planning or other things in life to pay attention. This time I listened. I have for quite awhile noticed my dislike of the word "balance". It seems to me that balance in life fights against a passionate immersion into creativity. This painting is a celebration of the idea of leaving balance behind. Can you sense that in the painting? What do you think of this concept?

"The Unexpected Joy of Losing Your Balance" acrylic by Cheryl O - 24" x 30" - $612. + HST available from the artist

Abstract painting by Cheryl O

  • Sharon Lowery    |  Jan 19, 2015

    Hi Cheryl

    I love this piece. It appeals to my inner zany nature. Please do more of this type of painting. Have a great day. Sharon

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