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Latest painting - "Tea & Cherries" - acrylic 30" x 40" $1650. + HST  Contact the artist if interested in purchase.

Tea and Cherries

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(This painting is SOLD.)

Canadian Maple

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Spring ChorusDon't miss the chance to improve your landscape painting at a week long art course starting August 22nd.

Here's all the info:

Cheryl O's 8 Favourite Landscape Techniques


This is a detail of a larger painting that is currently for sale: details here "Spring Chorus".

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"What Dreams Are Made Of" - acrylic with 22k gold leaf -40" x 30" - $1850. Available from the artist.


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Latest painting "Radiant" Acrylic 16" x 20" $455. + HST Contact the artist if interested in purchasing.


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FishHere are some good words from artists - thanks to Artpromotivate: Never Give Up

(This painting is a detail from a painting that is SOLD.)

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This summer I have blocked in some time to explore painting. Yes, after all these years of doing art, there are still experiments, ideas, and unstarted paintings living in my head. I am eager to give them birth! Even with that, I find I must be very deliberate about reserving this time - or somehow it slips away. Hope that this summer you will be able to fit in some creative time too. My recommendation? Put it on the calendar.

Inner child

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Roses in PaperIn class the other day we were discussing the confident brush stroke. Mysteriously, when looking at a brush stroke in a painting, you can often sense whether it was put down confidently, and it is more pleasing if it was. It doesn't even have to be totally accurately placed. Just as a singer who sings from the heart may not necessarily hit every note right on, so the confident brush stroke enhances the painting in a way that a precise brush stroke may not. This is more easily done with a good sized square brush well loaded with paint, than with a smaller round brush. It's one of the reasons I love square brushes and encourage my students to use them. Go for the bold!

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Just finished a slide-show of the wonderful art that was created by students in the recent collage class. See it here: Creative Collage with Cheryl O

This painting is currently available at Westland Gallery "Sun Followers"


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SoloRoseThis is a painting that will be taught in the upcoming Fruit Flowers & Crystal. It starts this Monday, July 11th! As well as learning the techniques to painting transparent glass and crystal, there will be lessons about painting silver, what makes a flower painting look gorgeous, and lots of tips on how to make a dynamic still life composition. Some references will be supplied, and students may bring in flowers from their gardens or their own flower photos as well. Definitely bring a camera for capturing some of the wonderful collaborated still lifes that will happen!

Room for just a few more: Art Classes with Cheryl O


(This original painting is SOLD.)

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