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Losing Touch

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 in Creativity

I think this is one of the best things about getting older... (thanks for the quote, Purple Clover).



Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in Creativity

It's spring! Out for exercise walks - golly, I'm out of shape. This too will pass - it's spring!



Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Creativity

AutumnI met with a lot of courageous people yesterday. Some are brand new into art. It takes a lot of courage to sign up for your first art class as an adult. Good for you! Others have done art for awhile, some for years. They still need courage because they are now looking to move away from realism and grow their own unique style. That's not easy either - but it is fun. Thanks to each of my wonderful students for the spirit of adventure that you bravely bring to art class. Happy painting!

Beautiful Gems

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 in Outside the Box

I never stop being enthralled with this kind of beauty. The image below is an opal; with a galaxy inside! More here:  Extremely Beautiful Minerals and Stones


A Simple Recipe

Posted on Apr 13, 2015 in Creativity


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