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"Quilted Hills" acrylic 18" x 18" $425.00 + HST Available from the artist

Quilted Hills

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Love & Crab Apples - acrylic with glass collage - 16" x 20" - $425 + HST

Love & Crab Apples

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"Deep Peace" - acrylic collage with amber - 30" x 40" $1350. + HST Available from the artist.

Deep Peace

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Breakers IIEnjoy the latest video done of student paintings from the recent Landscape Techniques course. As always - wonderful diverse interpretations of this popular painting topic.

Featured painting "Breakers II" by Cheryl O 11" x 14" $175. + HST available from the artist.

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After the RainCheck out these amazing "Between 2 Worlds" photos on Bright Side!

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EarthSong115I've discovered a book on creativity I really like. It's called "Let the Elephants Run" by musician David Usher. It's creatively written and a fun read as well as lots of good info on how to be more creative.

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Latest painting - "Tea & Cherries" - acrylic 30" x 40" $1650. + HST  Contact the artist if interested in purchase.

Tea and Cherries

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(This painting is SOLD.)

Canadian Maple

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Spring ChorusDon't miss the chance to improve your landscape painting at a week long art course starting August 22nd.

Here's all the info:

Cheryl O's 8 Favourite Landscape Techniques


This is a detail of a larger painting that is currently for sale: details here "Spring Chorus".

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"What Dreams Are Made Of" - acrylic with 22k gold leaf -40" x 30" - $1850. Available from the artist.


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